Aug 28, 2012

News: Wienerschnitzel - New Der Chicken Dippers

Wienerschnitzel now serves their own popcorn chicken: Der Chicken Dippers. Available for a limited time, the new menu item features bite-sized morsels of crispy, white-meat, boneless fried chicken. They're cooked to order and served with your choice of one of three sauces: Sweet and Tangy BBQ, Spicy Buffalo Wing, and Creamy Ranch.

Portions range from one-third pound to one pound of Der Chicken Dippers with prices starting at a suggested retail of $3.59.

Additionally, Wienerschnitzel is also offering a junior-sized order of chili cheese fries for 99 cents through September 23, 2012.

Both offers are available at participating locations only.

Nutritional info not available.


  1. I cry aloud to the amusement of my resident brown recluse spider population for a Wienerschnitzel to lower its standards greatly and build one or more outlets upon the buckle of the Bible Belt.

    I would frequent the vittles dispensing firm about as often as I do other fast-food outlets, not often.

    But this backwoods end-of-the-line for vittles distribution has very few hot dog and its derivatives such as chili dogs, etc. dispensing firms.

    I have tried repeatedly but have been unable to rustle up my own tasty hot dog dinners; likely due to the sub-par mass-market nothing-special hot dogs available for too-high prices at our lame grocery stores.

    If only I could buy a decent dog from Amazon and hover excitedly upon the shanty's front porch eagerly awaiting the dog delivery.

  2. I have to agree with you, for whatever reason hotdogs are less common than burgers in the world of fast food. Burgers aren't quite as unhealthy, well depending on what you put on them I guess. I love a chili dog once in a while though. Regularly I can't handle them like I can a modest burger, but they're so much more delicious.

  3. I visited Jackson, Michigan last month. A few google searches before my trip leads me to belive that Jackson may be the hot dog restaurant capital of the world.


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