Aug 14, 2012

Around the World: McDonald's Features Indian-themed Burgers... in Japan

McDonald's is currently cooking up two Indian-themed burgers out in Japan. What makes them Indian-themed? Curry apparently. Oh, and chicken instead of beef, of course, since the cow is sacred to Hinduism and all.

There's the "Hot Gold Masala" burger which towers with a Big Mac-style club bun, but oddly enough, only contains  one battered and deep-fried chicken filet between the middle and the heel. Between the crown and middle bun, there's only tomato, lettuce, onion, and spicy curry sauce. There's also a slice of American cheese in there.

If that sounds too spicy, there's also the "Mild Gold Masala" burger which features a fried chicken filet dipped in a sweet curry sauce (sounds more like a Japanese curry than an Indian one) that is flavored with apple and honey. To accompany the chicken there's a sesame seed bun, lettuce, mayo, and American cheese.

Each burger is available individually for 360 yen (~$4.58) or in a small combo for 490 yen ($6.24).

The burger are part of a larger "World of McDonald's" promo in Japan, showcasing limited-time menu items that represent flavors from different cuisines/cultures around the world. Last month, they had a French theme and up next is an Australian theme with an Aussie Deli burger to come in late August.