Aug 30, 2012

Review: Papa John's - Thin Crust Grilled Chicken Club

Papa John's Grilled Chicken Club pizza is one of their specialty pizzas, and I guess, is supposed to resemble a club sandwich sans the lettuce. I tried the thin crust version and it came topped with grilled (not breaded!) chicken strips, hickory-smoked bacon, onions, and sliced Roma tomatoes.

A large is currently $14 at my local Papa John's or $9.99 on Mondays through Wednesday.

Papa John's thin crust is comparable to similar options at Domino's and Pizza Hut. It's a crispy, almost flaky, crust with a very thin layer of soft crumb inside. I generally like thin crust, but there's always that niggling sense that I'm getting a lot less pizza for the same price.

My pizza did not come with the usual Garlic Dipping sauce, I'm not sure if this was by design since there's not much to dip with the thin crust or if they simply forgot to include it.

The topping combination works well. The tomatoes and onions retained a bit of texture and delivered some roast veggie flavors. The bacon was smoky and tasty with the occasional bits of crunch. The chicken was tender, but a bit sparse.

What threw off the proportions of the Grilled Chicken Club pizza and hindered my enjoyment was the amount of pizza sauce. It's like they put as much sauce as on a much thicker Original Crust pizza, which overpowers the other ingredients on a Thin Crust. I know I complained of getting less pizza, but if I'm getting less crust, a proportional decrease of sauce is necessary to maintain the balance of the pizza. Also, with tomatoes already present as a topping, it might warrant a try with no sauce.

Overall, I liked the toppings combination, bacon, tomatoes, and onions go well together, and chicken  provides extra protein. It's not a spectacular combination, but more a familiar workhorse that you can rely on. But I would recommend asking for less sauce though.

Nutritional Info not available.