Aug 18, 2012

Review: Twix Ice Cream Bars

Twix Ice Cream Bars are an ice cream version of the Twix candy bar. Each one features vanilla ice, caramel, and Twix cookie bits covered in a chocolaty coating.

A 11.58-fl-oz box of six retails for $4.99 at my local Ralph's. They were on sale for $2.99 though.

Twix Ice Cream Bars look a lot like a Snickers Ice Cream Bar. Not surprising as both candy bars are manufactured by Mars.

The only real difference on a Twix Ice Cream Bars is vanilla ice cream instead of peanut butter ice cream and crunchy Twix cookie bits instead of peanuts. Other than that, they're the same, which I think, does a disservice to the Twix version. Where a Snickers Ice Cream Bar is a lot like a Snickers candy bar, the Twix Ice Cream shares little in common with a Twix candy bar (judging by the product picture on the box, you wouldn't even think it's a Twix).

A main feature of a Twix candy bar is the crunchy cookie bar that runs the length of the candy, the ice cream bar gives a rather half-hearted attempt at delivering the Twix experience with small bits of Twix cookies incorporated into the liquidy caramel. The pieces deliver that familiar Twix cookie crunch, but they're too few and far in between to make good on the promise of Twix.

 The vanilla ice cream is a bit random. Yes, there has to be some sort of ice cream in the make up of an ice cream bar, but why not caramel or even peanut butter ice cream? There's no vanilla in a Twix.

Quality-wise, the Twix Ice Cream Bar is actually pretty good. The vanilla is creamy, the chocolate has a smooth, creamy richness, and the caramel is a liquid river of sweetness. It's just not what I want or thick of when I think "Twix Ice Cream Bar."

Nutritional Info - Twix Ice Cream Bar (45g)
Serving Size - 1 bar
Calories - 170 (from Fat - 90)
Fat - 10g (Saturated Fat - 7g)
Sodium - 50mg
Carbs - 19g (Sugar - 15g)
Protein - 2g


  1. I love Snickers Ice Cream Bars, but if these are just a rejiggered version of those then there doesn't seem like much reason to get them. I might try them once to satisfy my curiosity, but I doubt they'll take the place of the Snickers ones from my freezer.

  2. They must have changed them. The Twix ice cream bars I've always had (but haven't had in months, maybe half a year) has a cookie bottom that gives it a distinct Twix taste on every bite.

  3. Boooooo... why'd they change it! The cookie bottom makes the Twix!

  4. I think they changed them a couple years back because they've been in this format since at least early last year.


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