Sep 28, 2013

Around the World: Burger King Japan - Big Bacon Whopper

Burger King Japan's limited-time, fall campaign, dubbed "King's Harvest 2013," features the Big Bacon Whopper and the BK Bolognese.

Besides containing the underused hash brown, the Big Bacon Whopper also contains a large slab of flame-grilled thick bacon whose length is about twice that of the bun. They're calling it "King's bacon" (back bacon by the looks of it). The rest of the burger is a standard Whopper (beef patty, lettuce, tomato, onions, mayo, and ketchup).

The BK Bolognese features a pork patty, cheese, hash brown, onions, and a Bolognese sauce.

The Big Bacon Whopper carries a price tag of 680 yen (~$6.91 US) while the BK Bolognese burger comes in at 290 yen (~$2.95 US).


  1. First off the main reason to eat CPP is the crust. Then there is the fact that Healthy choice meals are the blandest of all the healthy frozen meal brands. I'd have to pass on this one for sure.

  2. That ham steak looks ridiculous. Slice it in half and stack it side by side on the burger.


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