Sep 18, 2013

News: McDonald's Tests Family Meal

McDonald's is testing a football-themed family-style meal out in Kansas City, Missouri. Dubbed the "Blitz Box," the meal leverages a partnership with the Kansas City Chiefs and NFL (McDonald's is an official sponsor of the league) and is set to run through the end of football season (i.e. late January - early February).

The Blitz Box includes two Quarter Pounders with Cheese, two medium orders of fries, and 20 Chicken Nuggets for $14.99. In my area that would peg the total value at $15.25 ($3.29 x 2 + $1.99 x 2 + $4.99) so it's not much of a discount.

Notably, the meal doesn't include drinks.

McDonald's is also offering a free Chiefs car flag with each Blitz Box purchase for a limited time.

Big box meals is something McDonald's offers in some markets abroad but has not, till this point, been something they've tried here in the US.

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