Sep 20, 2013

Frozen Friday: Safeway Select - Chicken Tikka Masala

The Safeway Select Chicken Tikka Masala frozen dinner consists of white meat chicken in a tomato and yogurt masala sauce with a basmati and rice blend and green beans and carrots.

A 9-ounce box was $1.99.

There was good amount of cubed chicken and vegetables. It seemed like there was at least an equal amount of chicken to rice.

The chicken turned out decently. Not magically tender and juicy like Fresh 'N Easy's version, but moist enough.

The sauce was a bit plain and lacking spices. It just tasted like a creamy tomato sauce, which is okay but not terribly interesting. On the plus side, if you can't stand spicy food, it's mild through and through.

The box reads "basmati and rice blend" but if there was basmati here I didn't catch it. It might as well have been just plain jasmine or long-grain rice for all intents and purposes.

The carrots and green beans were pretty good. They seemed unseasoned but retained a good amount of texture and flavor.

Overall, Safeway's Chicken Tikka Masala was just adequate. It's good enough to fill your tummy but isn't really going to satisfy an itch for Indian food.

Nutritional Info - Safeway Select Chicken Tikka Masala (262g)
Calories - 260 (from Fat - 45)
Fat - 5g (Saturated Fat - 2g)
Sodium - 660mg
Carbs - 36g (Sugar - 3g)
Protein - 17g


  1. They don't seem to have it listed anywhere. They tend to not with test items.

  2. Do you think it's gonna be low? lol


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