Sep 14, 2013

Around the World: KFC Australia - New Chicken Pie

KFC Australia recently unveiled the new, limited-time KFC Zinger Pie, KFC's version of the Australian meat pie, which we in the States would probably be most familiar thinking of as a handheld chicken pot pie.

The KFC Zinger Pie features a flaky crust filled simply with pieces of chicken breast marinated in KFC’s spicy Zinger marinade and gravy (with none of those silly vegetables to get in the way).

That's not to say that vegetables are completely foreign to the traditional meat pie; you won't find carrots or potatoes, but mushrooms and onions are common enough.

The meat pie is pretty popular in Australia (as well as neighboring New Zealand) and, at its most basic, a traditional meat pie is filled very simply with minced meat (usually beef) and gravy (I've tried several versions, both in Australia and the US, and they can be pretty great).

I have to say, the KFC Zinger Pie sounds pretty awesome, but doubt it would ever make its way Stateside.

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