Sep 1, 2013

Review: Arizona Beverages - Lemon-Lime Rickey

A lime rickey is typically a mixture of soda water and lots of lime that is often mixed with liquor. Arizona Beverages' Lemon-Lime Rickey is just an extra-tall can of lemon-lime soda, but not like Sprite and more like Squirt.

A 23.5-oz can is 99 cents wherever you find it (the standard for Arizona Beverage cans).

Basically this is fairly sour and mostly like a fizzy lemonade soda, which I really like and have been searching for at a reasonable price for a while. It's about as fizzy as a can of Coca-Cola.

There's actual fruit juice in it and that really helps to add a sour bite. I didn't really detect any lime though, so it felt like more of a "lemon rickey." There's a little honey thrown in that you might pick up on, but also a small amount of artificial sweeteners (that I couldn't taste, but you might according to your sensitivity to such) which accounts for the lowered calorie numbers. I'd prefer that they list it more prominently on the can other than on the ingredients though.

The one thing about it is that it comes in the signature tall Arizona Beverage can, which is a lot of soda to be drinking in one go (it lists 3 servings per can). Then again, if you stretch it to a couple of days and it goes flat, it's still lemonade!

The graphic wrap around the can is reminiscent of graffiti. It's a nice look, but a bit busy.

Overall, if you tend to go for sour lemonade (with added sparkling fizz), Arizona Beverages' Lemon-Lime Rickey might be straight up your alley. I love sour lemonade, so I'll definitely be back for more.

Nutritional Info - Arizona Beverages Lemon-Lime Rickey - (23.5 fl oz)
Calories - 210 (from Fat - 0)
Fat - 0g (Saturated Fat - 0g)
Sodium - 30mg
Carbs - 57g (Sugar - 53g)
Protein - 0g


  1. I love the Mango-Lime Rickey. My local Plaid Pantry has them two for $1.50.

  2. I'm always a fan of drinks with a sour kick, so I'll keep an eye out for this one.


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