Sep 10, 2013

Around the World: KFC Philippines - New Cheezy Bacon Fest

If there was ever an international promotion that belongs here in the US, it's the Cheezy Bacon Fest currently on offer at KFC Philippines.

The festival is basically the option to put bacon and cheese on most of the KFC menu including the Pasta Bowl (chicken on top of spaghetti), Rice Bowl, Twister, Chik'n Fillet (basically a KFC Snacker), Zinger (extra crispy chicken sandwich), Bucket of Fries (mmm... bucket), and Mashed Potatoes.

For extra bacony goodness, the Cheezy Bacon Rice Bowl features bacon rice in addition to the topping of oozing cheese sauce and bacon bits.

Sadly, there is no option to get chicken and bacon atop a single piece of the Colonel's chicken. Also no cheese and bacon atop the desserts or salads I'm afraid...


  1. Cheese and bacon on a salad would make sense (so long as they're cold). Cheese and bacon on a single piece of chicken would be fun! I'd try it.

  2. Why are the fries not over here in the USA?!?!?!??!!

  3. Oh. My god. Cheesify! Baconize!


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