Sep 1, 2013

Around the World: McDonald's Canada - New Veggie Wraps

As Canadians look to eat more veggies (at least some of the time), McDonald's Canada has introduced two new meatless McWraps: the Mediterranean Veggie and Santa Fe Veggie.

The company had previously introduced a veggie burger back in 2002, but it didn't stick. But tastes and preferences have changed in the 11 or so odd years in between (well, that and veggie burger patties don't always have the best of flavors).

The Mediterranean Veggie McWrap features roasted garlic hummus, feta cheese, tomatoes, cucumber, red onions, iceberg lettuce, lemon-seasoned crispy onions, and a creamy Mediterranean feta sauce.

The Santa Fe Veggie McWrap comes with fire-roasted corn, black beans, light cheddar and Monterey Jack cheeses, tomatoes, red onions, iceberg lettuce, and tri-color tortilla strips, chili lime glaze, and a Southwest sauce.

Canadian McWraps are folded with whole-wheat steamed tortillas.

The price on the veggie McWraps are $4.39 each at participating McDonald's Canada restaurants.


  1. Those both actually sound really good. Especially the Mediterranean.

  2. As a vegetarian college student I often find myself dragged along to mcdonalds and these have made that much more enjoyable. They're fresh and tasty (both) and really live up to the flavours described. However they are a little pricey as sometimes when I get them they aren't as heavy as I'd like. They taste like a salad in a convenient wrap, and they come in the same tear away packaging as the mcwrap


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