Sep 20, 2013

Around the World: KFC Malaysia Offered Chili Snow Crab Sauce

How does Chili Snow Crab sauce and fried chicken sound? KFC Malaysia just recently wrapped up a Seafood Symphony Combo in celebration of the fasting month of Ramadan.

The combo included Shrimp Stars, two pieces of Hot & Spicy chicken, a side (or two), chili snow crab sauce (based on the popular regional chili crab dish) for dipping, and a fountain drink.

In a decadent and somewhat fancy turn, the sauce was made with shredded snow crab sticks in a spicy sweet tomato sauce. It's something akin to offering lobster sauce here in the States.

The combo came in two configurations: an "Oriental Set" and a "Western Set." The Oriental Set comes with Colonel Chicken Rice while the Western Set substitutes it out for a butter bun and regular coleslaw. Both sets were priced at 13.50 Malaysian Ringgits (~$4.26 US).

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