Sep 28, 2013

Review: Nabisco - Candy Corn Oreo Cookies

Candy Corn Oreo cookies are Halloween-themed, seasonal Golden Oreos with a yellow and orange candy corn-flavored creme filling.

A 15.25-ounce package was $2.99 at Target, which is the only retail store you can find them.

Like an actual piece of candy corn, the creme filling is colored a little more orange than yellow. Apparently, the light tan of the Golden Oreo wafer substitutes as the white portion.

If you like the vanilla flavor of Golden Oreos, these aren't a marked departure since candy corn is mostly sugar and corn syrup. The distinctive flavor of candy corn is plentiful here and pairs well with the crisp vanilla wafers. It does taste sweeter than plain Golden Oreos though.

Overall, Candy Corn Oreos are pretty good and like a Golden Oreo cookie with added sugar and nuance.

Nutritional Info - Nabisco Candy Corn Oreo cookies
Seving Size - 2 cookies (29g)
Calories - 140 (from Fat - 60)
Fat - 6g (Saturated Fat - 2g)
Sodium - 80mg
Carbs - 21g (Sugar - 12g)
Protein - less than 1g


  1. Tried these and they do taste like candy corn, were very good, made better with a cup of hot tea

  2. Nabisco Proably made this Good I mean in South Park cartman and his friends were at Walmart and he Saw the Candy corn Oreos. and said oh sweet!


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