Sep 30, 2013

News: New KFC Go Cups Make It Easier to Eat in Your Car

KFC's latest value promotion is the new KFC Go Cup, which comes in five varieties each featuring an entree and potato wedges in an over-sized cup that conveniently fits in a standard automobile cup holder.

The available entree choices are: three Hot Wings, one piece of Boneless chicken, four Original Recipe Bites, a Chicken Little, and two Chicken Tenders.

The cup has a divider that keeps the wedges separated from the entree.

Each KFC Go Cup goes for $2.49 (and can easily be used to store other foods in your car after initial use).

Here's a TV spot of KFC Go Cup in-car eating experience:

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  1. I saw earlier they spent 2 years coming up with these cups. I'm unimpressed, none of these "meals" are big enough for you to need to stop for more than 5 minutes. You could probably eat most between the pick up and pay windows.

  2. It's not a meal, it's a snack

  3. It's not a meal, it's a snack, and who said anything about stopping!? It's a GO cup!! You're supposed to eat it on the go!

  4. Some of the options look better than others, but overall they seem a pretty good variety for a snack. I might try one of them (I'd probably go with the tenders) along with one of those new Mountain Dew Freezes at Taco Bell during Happier Hour one day.

  5. It's nice that you can mix and match them to make a meal... or just have one single one as a snack.

  6. Whoa, 3 tenders and wedges is like 8$ 2 tenders(or the reality of the matter, reason I only try out KFC once a year)and wedges for $2.50???X that by 2 and you have even a better $5 box that they stopped offering.

  7. You sound fat.
    At that amount of calories this is a meal.

  8. I was really impressed with how much you get in these cups. The serving sizes are generous for $2.49 IMHO.
    Usually KFC seems to be overpriced, but these actually provide a good bang for the buck.

  9. the go cup is pretty ingenious, kudos to KFC on this since the value is good as is the nifty cupholder friendly container.

  10. Agreed, I love how KFC tries to sell their family deals.. Just spend $20 and you don't have to cook for your family of 4.. sure.. but I like these. I usually go for the chicken little which is probably one of the worst choices value-wise, but they're tasty..


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