Sep 4, 2013

Around the World: KFC Japan to Offer Deep-Fried Soup Fritter

In something that sounds right at home at an American county fair, KFC Japan will offer up battered and deep-fried soup starting September 5.

Specifically, they'll be dropping some corn potage in the hot oil and calling it the "Corn Potage Fritter." Corn potage is a thick, creamy corn soup that garners a fair amount of popularity in Japan (you can even get it hot from a can dispensing vending machine), especially in the winter months.

The Corn Potage Fritter is only for a limited-time and is priced at 150 yen apiece (~$1.49 US).

According to Rocket News 24, the inspiration for the dish draws from the Colonel's autobiography, which contains a recipe for potato bacon fritters (and which they made and offered last year). Basically, they figured "if potato bacon is doable, why not creamy corn soup?"

If you're wondering how such culinary mastery is performed, I'd have to guess it involves freezing the soup before battering and deep-frying it. It would take a bit in working out the timing so that the soup is actually hot but not oozing out though.

Update 9/8/13: It looks like the folks at Rocket New 24 have now tried the new soup fritter and you can check it out here. Apparently, the shell is thick and fairly hard, and the corn soup filling has a consistency comparable to sweet bean paste (a popular dessert-filling in Japanese pastries).

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