Sep 24, 2013

Review: Burger King - Satisfries

Burger King's new Satisfries are crinkle-cut fries with a light batter that absorbs less oil during frying and results in less fat and calories than typical fries.

I bought a large order for $2.39 (compared to $2.09 for a large order of regular French fries at my local BK).

I've mentioned before that the name is a bit curious (say "saddest fries" and then "Satisfries").

I had to wait a bit but my Satisfries came fresh from the deep-fryer... and went straight into the same holding bin as the regular fries. Well, at least I got some (cheaper) regular French fries to compare with the new ones. The heft of the bag seemed a bit light compared to a large order of fries from McDonald's.

Satisfries are slightly bigger than Burger King's normal fries (which are themselves a bit bigger than major competitors' fries) and don't sport as much browning. There was a definite crust to them, but it was crispy-soft and a little chewy compared to the regular fries (which were still nicely crisp even though they were leftovers in the fry bin that were cooked before the Satisfries). As the Satisfries got cold, the outer layer also got more chewy.

Inside is a substantial potato flavor and a good amount of soft potato, but it was somehow drier than the interior of the regular fries. Basically, they're not as crispy nor as moist as the leftover fries in the fry bin.

On the plus side, they don't play Baked Lay's to Lay's potato chips (i.e. they still tasted like fries).

Overall, the end result is that Burger King's Satisfries are mediocre fries that don't quite satisfry. On the other hand, they aren't the saddest fries I've ever eaten (sorry, I couldn't resist with the puns).

BK SatisfriesBK French FriesMcDonald's French Fries
Serving Size87g (value)89g (value)71g (small)
Calories (Calories from Fat)190 (70)240 (90)230 (100)
Total Fat (Saturated Fat)8g (1g)10g (1.5g)11g (1.5g)
Carbs (Sugar)28g (0g)34g (0g)29g (0g)


  1. nice...thank you....Chili Crab

  2. Crinkle-cut fries have never really won anybody over. There just too soft when you bite in to em.

  3. I love crinkle cut fries! I am excited to try these!

  4. I've had good crispy ones before. It depends on how they fry 'em I think.

  5. thank you for speaking on behalf of the entire planet

  6. A local chain in northern Indiana called "Penguin Point" has excellent crinkle cut fries. Crispy and fluffy every time.
    The Satisfries from BK I tried yesterday, however, seemed undercooked and had a funny aftertaste, IMHO.

  7. Eh. Del Taco has pretty great fast-food crinkle-cuts, I'll stick with them.

  8. I tried some earlier today at me they tasted like they should have been cooked longer. As far as I can remember, they're cooked for about the same time as regular fries despite being thicker.

  9. Worst fries: In-n-Out, and very closely behind Whataburger. No really, In-n-Out fries are just potatoes dumped in hot grease.

  10. In-n-Out fries extra-well is like freshly fried potato chips. Awesome stuff.

  11. I dislike them too but I wouldn't go as far as you. They fall under the category of "needs ketchup" for me... actually pretty similar to how I feel about BK's fries. Strange since the burgers at In-n-Out are great for the price and convenience.

  12. I completely disagree with the review. I loved the new Satisfries, and found them to be twice as good as BK's regular fries which are usually pretty bland and remind me of chewing on pencil erasers when I was in first grade. Satisfries, on the other hand, were light, crispy, and much more flavorful. For me, I think it's something about that batter. They were just excellent.

    I'll agree that is a horrible name for them, and that alone might be enough to kill them. A huge marketing/branding blunder.

  13. these were good, I dont see them replacing the regular fries anytime soon though, but its good that the are lighter and healthier. Would be nice if BK would have seasoned them better though, maybe a salt/pepper mix or something like that would be nice.


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