Sep 17, 2013

Around the World: Pizza Hut UK - New Cheeseburger Pizza

Pizza Hut UK just recently introduced the new, limited-time Cheeseburger Pizza Crust, which is a sunflower-like pizza with petal-like crust pockets with beef patties baked in and topped with melted mozzarella cheese.

And, for those who believe a pizza isn't complete without ketchup, ketchup dip is included on the side.

Beyond the mini cheeseburgers in the crust, the Cheeseburger Pizza can be topped however the customers likes.

Chips (AKA French Fries) have also just been added to the menu to complement the new pizza crust and are served with barbecue sauce for dipping.

If the Cheeseburger Pizza looks a bit familiar, it's very similar to the Cheese Burger Crown Crust Pizza that Pizza Hut was offering last year in the Middle East.

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