Sep 3, 2013

Review: Dairy Queen - Chicken Strip $5 Buck Lunch

Dairy Queen's Chicken Strips $5 Buck Lunch is available daily from the hours of 11am to 4pm and features three chicken tenderloin strips with a choice of dipping sauce, a side of fries, a fountain drink, and a sundae for $5. The sundae can be upgraded to a mini-size Blizzard for an extra $1.

I went for the upgrade and chose ranch for sauce. The price tag came out to $6 plus tax.

I've actually never eaten anything from Dairy Queen beyond the Blizzard, since all of the locations I've been to only served frozen treats, so this was new to me.

The chicken strips are pretty comparable in size to most fast food chicken strips. They were fried to a fairly thick and satisfyingly crunchy shell. The breading was very lightly seasoned (and goes real well with the ranch sauce) and the chicken inside was reasonably juicy.

The fries were crispy and lightly battered. They reminded me of Burger King's old French fries, which I didn't really care for. Still, if you miss Burger King's old fries, you might want to try Dairy Queen.

For dessert, I went with the Tripleberry Brownie Blizzard, which I wrote about previously.

Overall, Dairy Queen's Chicken Strip $5 Buck Lunch is a pretty reasonable deal for a decent lunch with dessert included. The chicken strips were pretty good but the fries left me a little wanting.


  1. Caution: Many DQs only offfer the deal until 2pm and not at all on weekends or holidays, and some don't have it at all. DQ can get pricey really quickly for mediocre food, well up into Five Guys/Gino's/ShackShake/Elevation territory, or higher. The $5 lunch is actually quite a deal there considering.

  2. I think this is one of the best deals in fast food right now, especially considering it includes dessert. My local Dairy Queen is offering it all day long as well.

  3. "$5 Buck Lunch" is an odd name. "Five dollar buck lunch"?

  4. Yeah. Taco Bell did the same thing with their $5 Buck Box. I think it's a visual marketing thing, but who knows?

    I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be read "5 buck lunch."

  5. If you go for the burger you shouldn't be hungry. I love their chicken strips but you don't get enough in the 5 buck lunch to be anything more than a snack. If they thew in the Texas toast and gravy that comes with the full order of chicken strips they might have something.


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