Jan 4, 2014

Around the World: Frito Lay Japan - New Mountain Dew Cheetos

It looks like the latest crazy Frito Lay snack flavor to come out of Japan is a limited-edition Mountain Dew Cheetos snacks. Well, it's more like Cheeto-like as there's no cheese and the corn snacks are instead powdered with a fizzy Mountain Dew-flavor powders.

Apparently, they taste like "sweet lemon lime chips."

The move is probably not a huge surprise as Frito Lay is the same company that introduced Pepsi-flavored Cheetos last year.

Stranger still, this isn't the first Mountain Dew-flavored snack put out by Frito Lay. Back in 2008, they came out with a mystery flavor of Doritos chips that turned out to be Mountain Dew flavor... here in the US!

If you're looking to try Mountain Dew Cheetos, there are a few online Japanese import specialty stores that offer them including this one, which has them going for $3.50 each.

Photo: JBOX