Jan 4, 2014

Around the World: McDonald's Japan Retro USA Menu Little Resembles Retro USA

McDonald's Japan starts a retro-styled "American Vintage" menu this Monday featuring six new burgers representing different time periods of the US. Specifically, the '50s, '70s, and '80s will be represented (or at least hearkened back to). Basically, they've moved on from regional "American" burgers to burgers from specific time periods.

To kick off the menu campaign is a '50s diner theme with the Diner Double Beef and the Diner Honey Mustard chicken sandwich.

The Diner Double Beef features two beef patties, egg, onions, cheese, "Chicago-style" steak sauce and black pepper and roasted garlic mashed potatoes on a sesame bun. It's like a steak breakfast between a bun.

The Diner Honey Mustard chicken sandwich is a little more ho-hum and sees to be a fairly standard honey mustard sandwich. Between the bun, you'll find a crispy chicken filet, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, and honey mustard.

Also with the two burgers, McDonald's is also offering a free McDonald's "American Vintage" t-shirt with the purchase of a specified combo.

Also being featured are Cheese Fries sprinkled with "bacon-flavored topping." Unlike the various burgers, the Cheese Fries will be available for the entire duration of the campaign.

The Diner burgers are set to run until about the end of January.

The theme for the '70s is "Soulful" and features the Hot & Groovy Beef and Hot & Groovy Chicken, which seem a bit of a rehash of last year's Mexican Festival burgers.

Both sandwiches feature tomato salsa, onions, cheese, lettuce, and a yet unnamed sauce that appears to be different from the spicy jalapeno cheese sauce of the Mexican Festival burgers. The chicken version sports a crispy chicken filet, while the beef version features two beef patties with a slice of either white American or white Cheddar cheese.

The '70s burgers are set to arrive late January and look to stay through mid-February.

The final leg of the campaign is the '80s Pop Culture menu, which apparently means barbecue sauce.

The American BBQ Beef and American BBQ Chicken each feature pickles, mustard, lettuce, cheese, and barbecue sauce. The beef version also comes with two beef patties and bacon, while the chicken version has the crispy chicken filet.

The '80s Pop Culture burgers are planned for mid-February through March.