Apr 2, 2014

News: White Castle - New Belgian Waffle Sandwiches

White Castle will soon offer new, limited-time Belgian Waffle Sandwiches in three varieties to hit both breakfast and the rest of the day. Interesting, rather than making their waffles or sourcing them locally, they're importing the waffles from Belgium for a more authentic taste.

The three varieties are: Chicken and Waffle; Sausage, Egg and Cheese; and Bacon, Egg and Cheese

The Chicken & Waffles Sandwich features a crispy fried chicken breast filet topped with country-style gravy and bacon crumbles between two Belgian waffles. It's the most expensive of the bunch at $2.69 ( prices may vary).

The Sausage, Egg, and Cheese and Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches come with sausage (or bacon respectively), a fresh-cracked egg, and American cheese sandwiched between two Belgian waffles. They're priced at $1.99 a piece.

You can also get two plain Belgian waffles and syrup for $1.69.

The Breakfast Waffle Sandwiches are only available during breakfast hours (midnight to 10:30 am at most locations), while the Chicken and Waffles are available all day at participating locations. The sandwiches are arriving soon and are already being served at some locations. If you happen to live in Cincinnati, you'll be happy to know that White Castle serves breakfast all day there.

While I'd love to try them for you guys, I live in California and the nearest White Castle is halfway across the country.