Apr 2, 2016

2016 Fast Food April Fools' Joke Round Up

Another April's Fools Day (or better known to me as take-every-press-release-with-a-grain-of-salt day) has gone by but not without a few attempts by some of major fast food chains to pull the wool over your eyes with things like harvesting donuts and a new McJuice line.

Here's a collection of the fast food April Fools' jokes from this year:

Burger King - Chicken Fries Shake or more like an orange slushie topped with whipped cream in a chicken-faced cup.

Einstein Bros. -  Applewood-Smoked Bacon Dark Roast Coffee aka bacon in your cup of coffee.

Krispy Kreme - The annual donut harvest (as in donuts that are grown on trees)

They even included instructions on how to grow your own Krispy Kreme donut at home:

McDonald's - McDonald's announced their own take on monthly subscription box services with new MmmBoxes. The boxes pair your favorite menu items to your lifestyle.

I thought this one was the most hilarious. There are three boxes to choose from: The Artisan, The Ribster, and The Minimalist.

The Artisan includes an Artisan Grilled Chicken Sandwich, a Lil' Loom with yarn so that you can "weave yourself a placemat for your tasty sandwich," and an artisanal toothpick bundle ("Hand-whittled from the mighty Sequoia").

The Ribster is for the hipster lifestyle and includes a McRib, a mustache-shaped Moustache Comb (of course!), a plaid napkin, and irony (double of course!).

Finally, the Minimalist, true to the name, features a simple pairing of a single fry and a small cup of ketchup.

Not to be outdone, McDonald SoCal did one of their own: Introducing the McJuice line:

Riffing on the Southern Californian juicing trend, the line blends and bottles your McDonald's classics in four convenient flavors:

As you can see, there's Big Mac Blend, Filet-O-Fish-Swish, French Fries Quench, and Ruby McRib Juice.

White Castle - Something that might actually happen some day in the future: Crave Copter drone delivery of Crave Cases filled with 30 of the chain's sliders.

They actually put out a release and included the following statement: "White Castle will begin nationwide service with a fleet of 1,500 Crave Copters strategically positioned across the continental United States at Castles and at undisclosed grilling locations in the Western U.S. A highly sophisticated tracking system will allow deployment to the geographic areas with the most demand."

That's this year's batch of April Fools jokes in fast food land. Were any of you fooled? Were there any you wish were actually real?

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