Apr 19, 2016

McDonald's Testing Bigger and Smaller Big Macs

L to R: Mac Jr., Grand Mac, and Big Mac.
McDonald's is testing both larger and smaller versions of their signature Big Mac calling them the Grand Mac and Mac. Jr., respectively.

Both new burgers have been spotted testing in Central Ohio and the Dallas/Fort Worth area. The burgers include the same ingredients as the Big Mac but in vary in the amounts.

The Grand Mac features 60% more beef than a regular Big Mac (a third pound versus a fifth of a pound for the original, according to Columbus Business First) and also comes with a wider bun and an extra slice of cheese.

The Mac Jr. eschews the trademark middle bun and only includes one regular hamburger patty.

According to GrubGrade, the price for the Grand Mac is $4.89, while the Mac. Jr. is $2.39.

The test is slated to run through June 6, 2016.

While the concept is new here in the U.S., both bigger and smaller versions of the chain's iconic burger have been offered now and again in several countries abroad (most recently in Japan with perhaps the biggest Big Mac yet).

Photo via McDonald's.

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