Apr 26, 2016

Review: Wienerschnitzel - Loaded Po'Taters

Wienerschnitzel's Loaded Po'Taters feature hash brown coins with various toppings. They come in three varieties: Chili Cheese, Blazin' and Meat Lovers.

Since both the Blazin' and Meat Lovers Loaded Po'Taters include chili and cheese, I went and got both. The Meat Lovers was $4.99, while the Blazin' $3.79 but I received these courtesy of Wienerschnitzel.

The Blazin' is topped with chili, cheese, jalapeno slices, and spicy Blazin' Sauce, while the Meat Lovers comes with chili, cheese, pepperoni, and bacon.

The hash browns, or Po'Taters as they're calling them, turned out pretty nice with a uniformly crunchy exterior that held up very well against the toppings. The crunch also held up a lot better against the wet chili than the stray fries that found their way into my order. They weren't too salty either.

The Meat Lovers' combination of chili, pepperoni, and bacon however, was, unsurprisingly, very salty. The chili was pretty mild and a bit watery. The bacon actually sported some crispy bits and even a few burnt edges. The pepperoni was more soft but with curled edges that suggested they were heated up in some way, just not together with the bacon for whatever reason. There wasn't a lot of cheese, which was unfortunate as it would have balanced out the other ingredients a little.

The Blazin' Loaded Po'Taters were similarly salty due to the Blazin' sauce and jalapenos but also offered a bit more in terms of bold flavor as well as a sour and spicy bite. The Blazin' sauce was spicy and tangy like your typical hot sauce, but with a little added smokiness. The jalapenos combined with the Blazin' sauce made for pretty spicy dish over all and it rested on that line between enjoyable and unpleasant.

Overall, Wienerschnitzel's Loaded Po'Taters was a mixed bag for me. I really like the Po'Taters themselves and the toppings were generally enjoyable, but I wished it skewed more cheese-heavy and less everything else. As it was, I ended up picking off some toppings for a more balanced experience. Out of the two, I would pick the Blazin' Po'taters as the Meat Lovers seems a bit pricey for what you get.

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