Apr 18, 2016

Quaker Introduces New Breakfast Flats

The Quaker Oats Company adds yet another portable breakfast option with new Breakfast Flats, which are thin crispy baked snack bars that looks a lot like rival food maker Kraft's (Nabisco) Belvita breakfast biscuits.

The bars feature ingredients like oats, fruit, nuts, flax, and sunflower seeds. Each individual pack includes three flats and selling points include 200 calories, 18 grams of whole grains, and a "good source of fiber" per pack as well as no artificial flavors or added colors.

Aiming at women, the brand has partnered with actress Jamie Chung to introduce the new breakfast option as "this spring's newest breakfast accessory" (...). They're also going with some Instagram product placement this spring.

Quaker Breakfast Flats launch in three flavors: Cranberry Almond, Banana Honey Nut and Golden Raisin Cinnamon. Each box of Breakfast Flats contains five packs of three flats and carry a suggested retail price of $3.49.

The flats are the latest in a long line of portable breakfast options from Quaker. Other portable breakfast offerings in the past have included Oatmeal to Go bars, Breakfast Squares, and cereal bars.

Image via Quaker Oats Company.

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