Apr 10, 2016

Review: White Chocolate and Chocolate Travel Edition Oreo Cookies

White Chocolate and Chocolate Travel Edition Oreos feature original Oreo sandwich cookies covered in white chocolate or milk chocolate.

Travel Edition is the brand's line of products exclusively for travelers (they're only sold in airports apparently). My brother brought these back for me while coming home from the Netherlands (because he was trying to use the last of his Euros before taking off). They go for € 7.90 (~$8.99 US).

They come in a shiny box filled with eight packs of two cookies each (according to the box, they're made in Spain). Compared to fudge-covered Oreos that you can sometimes find here in the States, the fit and finish are of a higher class. You're not going to find any off-center filling or wafers and the chocolate coating is smooth and even.

The cookie inside tasted the same to me. There was the same crispy chocolate wafer, and paste-like vanilla creme. The coating is what set these apart. There was tasty, smooth and creamy milk and white chocolate, heavier on top and thinner on the bottom where you can just make out the Oreo imprint of the cookie within. It was just enough to be indulgent but not so much that you starting losing the taste of the Oreo inside.

Overall, White Chocolate and Chocolate Travel Edition Oreos are really nice and like a chocolate candy bar version of Oreos. At the price, you might want to eat them very slowly though (it's a good thing they are separated into packs!)

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