Apr 4, 2016

Pizza Hut Unveils New Stuffed Garlic Knots

Removing them from the pizza crust (not literally), Pizza Hut adds new Stuffed Garlic Knots to their $5 Flavor Menu.

An order includes 10 garlic knots filled with melted cheese and sprinkled with a garlic buttery blend, grated parmesan, and Italian herbs. Marinara sauce is included for dipping.

The knots were originally introduced as part of the Stuffed Garlic Knots Pizza (personally, I would have preferred it if they added Cheesy Bites to the $5 Flavor Menu instead--more cheese, less dough).

Like the rest of the $5 Flavor Menu, an order of Stuffed Garlic Knots is $5 when you order two or more items from the menu. It is otherwise $5.99 (may vary) by itself.

Image via Pizza Hut.

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