Apr 18, 2016

Review: Shake Shack - Rainbow Connection Concrete

Shake Shack's Rainbow Connection Concrete is unique to Los Angeles and features vanilla frozen custard mixed with pieces of a Cofax spiced crumb donut, Sqirl Seascape Strawberry & Rose Geranium Jam, and rainbow sprinkles.

A small was $4.59 and was plenty to eat.

I was expecting the frozen custard to be more frozen. It melted pretty quickly and was fairly liquid-y.

Sqirl is a local restaurant known for their artisan jams (as in made in small batches with carefully selected fruit and not whatever it is fast food joints mean when they say it). The jam offered up an intense strawberry base but I didn't pick up on the rose portion. It was a little too sweet to eat with sweet frozen custard although it's really nice on a piece of toast.

Cofax is also a local L.A. spot--a coffeehouse that also makes some donuts. The donut turned a bit stiff from either sitting out too long or from the cold of custard. The dusting of spice carried a strong cinnamon character but with an extra funk from something else that I didn't care for. A churro might have worked better from both a texture and taste standpoint.

The sprinkles are pretty much what you'd expect with a needed crunch and bit of sweetness.

Overall, I didn't really enjoy Shake Shack's Rainbow Connection Concrete, The custard itself fell a bit flat for me and I might have between appreciated the local components better separately.

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