Apr 20, 2016

Review: 1893 Original and Ginger Cola from Pepsi

1893 Original Cola and 1893 Ginger Cola are the latest attempt from Pepsi to offer a more premium, craft-type of soda.

They come in 12-oz cans that I picked up for 99 cents a piece. The cans are taller and narrower than standard (I guess for a more sophisticated profile?). Here's a side-by-side comparison with a can of Coke:

The Original Cola is described as a "boldly blended cola made with: kola nut extract, dark brown malt flavor, a touch of aromatic bitters, sparkling water, and real sugar." It seems about as fizzy as regular Pepsi (which is not all that fizzy compared to Coke) as far as I can tell. In taste, I would describe it as Pepsi with an extra fruity end note as well as an almost licorice flavor that lingers a little.

The Ginger Cola is noticeably lighter in color with more of an amber tone. It's described as "boldly blended cola made with: kola nut extract, real ginger, sparkling water, and real sugar." There's a surprisingly spicy ginger note at the forefront of this one that peters out into a mild cola flavor.

Overall, the new 1893 colas give a different, but still enjoyable, look to Pepsi cola. Try it if you want a bit of novelty to the more common cola flavors. I'm not sure it's worth the price premium though.

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