Apr 15, 2016

Carl's Jr. Tests Burgers Topped with Meatballs, Mac 'N Cheese, and More

Carl's Jr. has been trying all sorts of off-the-wall toppings for their burgers including meatballs (but not spaghetti... yet), macaroni and cheese, and Taco Bell-like burrito fillings.

The test items were sampled by the folks over at E!, who visited the company headquarters back in February. Here's some of the more interesting items they saw:

- Meatball Thickburger - Carl's Jr. (and Hardee's) have a long history of putting meat on meat, so it's not a surprise that one of the things they tested is meatballs on a beef patty along with what looks to be mozzarella and marinara between two slices of toasted bread.

- Pizza Thickburger - Along the same lines as the Meetball Thickburger but with pepperoni slices instead of meatballs.

- Burgerito - A burrito-burger hybrid (very on-trend with the whole food fusion thing) with seasoned ground beef and tortilla chips on a beef patty along with pepper jack, ketchup, shredded cheese, lettuce, and what appears to be the chain's Santa Fe sauce (it seems more like a taco than a burrito).

- Bacon Mac 'N Cheese Thickburger - Exactly like it sounds, they tossed bacon, macaroni, and cheese sauce on a beef patty and threw in two slices of American in case it wasn't cheesy enough.

Also spotted were the Bisnut (which actually made it to restaurants for testing back in 2014), Pizza Fries, and a Birthday Shake.

To my knowledge, only the Bisnut and the Pizza Fries have ever been spotted in the wild (i.e. in actual restaurants).

Photos via Carl's Jr.

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