Apr 7, 2016

McDonald's Japan's New Giga Big Mac is a Beefier, Wider Big Mac

McDonald's Japan offers what might be the biggest rendition of the Big Mac yet with the new Giga Big Mac, a wider, taller version of the chain's signature burger.

Sporting a bigger, wider bun as well as four bigger, wider (but still relatively thin) beef patties. The chain boasts that the burger features 2.8 times the beef of a regular Big Mac (which should come out to a little over half a pound of beef).

The Big Mac (L) and the Grand Big Mac (R)
The world-first Giga Big Mac is actually just an extra beefy version of the Grand Big Mac (which is also offered in conjunction with the Giga), which has been offered in a few countries previously.

The Giga Big Mac costs 740 yen (~$6.89), while the Grand Big Mac is 520 yen (~$4.80). Both are offered through the end of April.

McDonald's Japan is also offering "Grand"-size fountain drinks and fries in conjunction with the over-sized burgers (although I would guess those are no bigger than an American "large").

The chain has also occasionally offered a Big Mac with four beef patties in select countries under the Mega Big Mac or Double Big Mac name.

Photos via McDonald's Japan.

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