Apr 14, 2016

Is "Create Your Taste" Customized Desserts Coming to McDonald's?

With the rollout of McDonald's "Create Your Taste" burger platform well underway here in the U.S., it wouldn't be usual for the chain to expand the customizable concept to, say, their desserts. Apparently, they're set to do just that in at least one soon-to-be-open location.

There's a new McDonald's scheduled to open in St. Joseph, Missouri this July and, along with new self-order kiosks for the "Create Your Taste" burger platform, the new restaurant's Facebook page indicates that the they will be offering the option to "create your own desserts from a range of ingredients."

While it's yet unclear what ingredients available, I'm imagining (wishfully thinking of) ordering one of their fried pies a la mode.

Additionally, a report by the St. Joseph News-Press, covering the restaurant opening, states that all-you-can-eat French fries(!) will be available. I'm guessing maybe only with one of the pricier "Create Your Taste" burgers or chicken sandwiches. It might not be bad a move considering that fries are a high-margin item. If they charged $3 for an all-you-can-eat option, it's about a buck more than a large order of fries, which is plenty for most people.

It's uncertain whether the location is piloting the new dessert platform (and fry option) or if they're previewing a national rollout (my money's on the former).

Photo via McDonald's.

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