Apr 12, 2016

Wendy's Brings Back Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken and Ghost Pepper Fries

Wendy's brings the heat this month with the limited-time return of the Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken sandwich as well as Ghost Pepper Fries.

The Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken features a crispy, spicy chicken breast filet, diced fresh jalapenos, ghost pepper sauce, warm cheese sauce, Colby Pepper Jack cheese, and red onion on a toasted bakery-style red jalapeno bun.

Ghost Pepper Fries consists of Wendy's Natural Cut Fries topped with diced fresh jalapenos, warm cheddar cheese sauce, and the same ghost pepper sauce as the chicken sandwich.

The suggested price for the Jalapeno Fresco Spicy Chicken is $4.99 (may vary), while Ghost Pepper Fries go for $1.99.

Both items were first introduced this same time last year. You can check out my previous review of the chicken sandwich here and the fries here.

Photos via Wendy's.

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