Apr 30, 2016

Annual Great Tastes of America Arrives at McDonald's UK for 2016

McDonald's "Great Tastes of America" menu makes it yearly trip to the UK for 2016 and kicks off with a Tennessee barbecue-themed burger for the first two weeks.

The American-themed menu features burgers and/or sandwiches inspired by regions or states here in the US. (although sometimes the ingredients don't really match up to the states/regions). This year, there are three burgers being spotlighted and they're arriving one at a time every two weeks for the duration of the promotion.

The Tennessee Stack consists of two beef patties, bacon, smoky cheese, Tennessee-style BBQ sauce, grilled onions and lettuce on a flour-topped bun. It's available currently through the May 10, 2016.

After the Tennessee Stack comes the New York Stack, which honors the Big Apple with a sesame & poppy seed bagel rather than a bun. Between the two bagel halves, you'll find two beef patties, coleslaw, cheddar cheese, ketchup, mustard, dill pickles, bacon, and lettuce. It'll be available May 11, 2016 through May 24, 2016.

Finally, the Tex Mex Stack rounds out the pack and features two beef patties, pepper jack cheese, a spicy smoky sauce, tomato, lettuce, and tortilla chips on a hot and spicy bun, which, looking at the ingredients, seems to be a chili-spiced bun. It's set to arrive May 25, 2016 and depart on June 7, 2016.

There's also what could count for a second New York-themed sandwich in the Spicy Buffalo BBQ Chicken (available hot or extra hot!). Unlike the other burgers, it's available for the entire length of the promotion. It includes a Chicken Legend crispy patty, hot (or extra hot) Buffalo BBQ sauce, pepper jack cheese, bacon, lettuce, and onion on oval sesame lattice bun.

Maybe someday we'll get the Great Tastes of the UK here in the States...

Images via McDonald's UK.

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