Apr 16, 2016

Here's Why McDonald's McWraps Are No Longer on the Menu

McDonald's McWraps have been off the menu since last September and those of you who loved/liked the healthier option might be wondering why.

Beyond the usual "they didn't sell well," (although I'm sure they sold well enough in some locations) a Bloomberg report particularly pointed out that they didn't sell well to their target audience: Millennials. The article also gave two main reasons that the McWraps got the boot: the launch of breakfast all day and the relatively long prep time for the wraps.

Simply put, all-day breakfast has been much more popular than the McWraps and with the addition, the kitchen workflow got more complicated. Apparently, just warming the tortilla for the wraps took 20 seconds and then the ingredients needed to be chopped up, rolled up, and packaged. One of the ways you can simplify the work in the back is to get rid of menu items and ingredients, which is what a lot of McDonald's restaurants ended up doing by nixing the McWraps (they can still be found in a few markets, including Los Angeles but only the ranch version).

Their smaller counterparts, the Snack Wraps, have also been mostly phased out, which I find a bit more interesting given the current rise in snacking and snackable options.

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