Apr 17, 2016

Hong Kong Gets a Tandoori Pulled Chicken Burger from McDonald's

The latest out of Hong Kong from McDonald's is a chef-driven burger with pulled chicken tossed in tandoori sauce.

The new Pulled Chicken Burger was created in collaboration with local celebrity chef Gabriel Choy. In addition to the tandoori pulled chicken, the burger includes cheese, coleslaw, a single large, crispy onion ring, and mayo on a toasted "bakery-style" bun.

While the tandoori sauce and pulled chicken sound intriguing, there's a lot of sauce going on with the sandwich between the mayo from the coleslaw, the mayo on top of the chicken, and the tandoori sauce itself.

The Pulled Chicken Burger is being featured as part of a limited-run menu that includes the, Mango Sundae, Sparkling Green Apple Tea (in a mason jar apparently), BBQ McWings, Taro Pie a la Mode, and Thick Cut Fries.

Images via McDonald's Hong Kong.

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