Apr 21, 2016

Bear Naked Now Offering Customized Granola

For those looking to mix and match their own blend of granola, Bear Naked now offers Custom Made Granola, where you can choose from 50 different ingredients.

Additionally, the brand has partnered up with IBM's Chef Watson to assist you in putting together your personal blend by suggesting complementary ingredients to suit your tastes. Ingredients range from jalapenos to olives to red sea salt and dried cinnamon apples.

Custom Made Granola gives you the opportunity to customize your canister by naming your blend and choosing a bear illustration to decorate it. Free shipping is included.

If making your own custom granola doesn't tickle your fancy, Bear Naked also offers three chef-inspired blends including: Chocolate Strawberry JalapeƱo; Olive You, Kale; and Michigan Farms (a blend celebrating Michigan fruit farms).

You can check out the whole concept and order at

Photo via Bear Naked.

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