May 9, 2019

7-Eleven Opens New Lab Store to Test Made-to-Order Smoothies, Fresh-Baked Croissants, and More

Imagining a potential future where 7-Eleven convenience stores take on some more restaurant-like qualities, 7-Eleven has opened up a new "lab store" in Dallas where they can test new platforms and products such as made-to-order smoothies, baked in-store cookies and croissants, and a growler refill station for local craft beers.

Open to the public, the one-of-a-kind store is located at the Sylvan | Thirty retail and restaurant development on Sylvan Avenue, north of Interstate 30 in Dallas, TX..

Some of the things they're currently trying out at the new location include:

- Made-to-order coffee drinks, cold-pressed juices, smoothies and agua frescas.

- Nitro cold brew, kombucha, and organic teas on tap.

- "The Cellar," an alcove dedicated to an expanded selection of wines and craft beers with a nearby growler station that features a rotating selection of local craft beer, cider, and ales on tap.

- A cold treats bar with frozen yogurt, ice cream, and multiple toppings (similar to how they have toppings for nachos and hot dogs but for frozen desserts).

- Cookies, croissants and more baked-in-store daily.

- Digital initiatives that enhance the shopping experience. Scan & Pay technology that allows customers to skip the checkout line and pay for their (non-age-restricted) purchases on their smartphones.

- An attached taqueira, the Laredo Taco Company, with indoor and patio restaurant-style seating. It features handmade tortilla made from scratch daily in-store and serves taco, quesadillas, and plate meals that include less common options such as carne guisada, barbacoa, and picadillo bistec.

- Bar-seating across the front windows of the store.

Photos via 7-Eleven.

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