May 20, 2019

Arby's Brings Back Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich and More for Summer 2019

The Pecan Chicken Salad Sandwich is back at Arby's for a limited time this summer.

The seasonal sandwich features a mixture of mayo, diced chicken, red grapes, apples, celery, and pecans served with leaf lettuce on honey wheat bread. You can also get it in a hearty grain wrap.

They've also brought back the Ultimate BLT and Triple Decker Club for the season.

The Ultimate BLT includes eight strips of pepper bacon, mayo, tomato, and leaf lettuce on honey wheat bread, while the Triple Decker Club features roast turkey, pit-smoked ham, roast beef, red onion, leaf lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, mayo, pepper bacon, and spicy brown honey mustard sauce stacked on honey wheat bread.

Photo via Arby's.

Nutritional Info - Arby's Pecan Chicken Salad sandwich (305g)
Calories - 840 (from Fat - 410)
Fat - 46g (Saturated Fat - 7g)
Sodium - 1190mg
Carbs - 83g (Sugar - 18g)
Protein - 28g

Nutritional Info - Arby's Ultimate BLT (301g)
Calories - 980 (from Fat - 500)
Fat - 55g (Saturated Fat - 14g)
Sodium - 2130mg
Carbs - 80g (Sugar - 19g)
Protein - 43g

Nutritional Info - Arby's Triple Decker (433g)
Calories - 1030 (from Fat - 460)
Fat - 51g (Saturated Fat - 17g)
Sodium - 2940mg
Carbs - 83g (Sugar - 19g)
Protein - 62g

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