May 23, 2019

Garbage Pail Kids Get Their Own Cereal and Energy Drink

Fans of Garbage Pail Kids might like to try new Garbage Pail Kids Cereal and/or Garbage Pail Kids Energy Drink available exclusively at FYE stores and

Created by FYE in partnership with Topps, the creator of Garbage Pail Kids, Garbage Pail Kids Cereal features pink "crazy crisps" and crunchy marshmallow "barf bits," while the energy drink is cherry flavors and features Adam Bomb on the can. Additionally, each box of cereal comes with two special Topps Garbage Pail Kids trading cards (there are four cards to collect in all).

The price tag per 11.5-oz box of cereal is $9.99, while the energy drink is $3.99 per 12-oz can.

Garbage Pail Kids were first released back in 1985 as a series of collectible sticker cards meant to parody Cabbage Patch Kids dolls.

Photo via FYE.

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