May 7, 2019

Kraft Offers to Pay Babysitting Expenses So Moms Can Relax on Mother's Day

If you're a mom, Kraft is offering to give you some time away from your kids this Mother's Day by paying for your babysitting expenses.

Basically, they want you to get a babysitter on Mother's Day. Afterwards, you can go to, submit your receipt for babysitting, and they'll cover the bill (up to $100). You can find the fine print for the offer here. The last day to submit a receipt is May 19, 2019 and they'll be giving away up to $50,000 in total.

The giveaway/reimbursement was inspired by an article on, which suggests that one of the things that some moms really want for Mother's Day is a day off from the more trying aspects of being a mom.

Photo via Kraft.

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