May 17, 2019

Applebee's Launches New Loaded Fajitas

Applebee's launches new Loaded Fajitas, which come topped with hot queso and applewood-smoked bacon.

Each order of the new entree features a choice of sirloin steak, chicken, or shrimp on a sizzling skillet along with fajita vegetables and Spanish rice. Included on the side are warm flour tortillas, a blend of cheddar cheeses, guacamole, lettuce, lime wedges, sour cream, and pico de gallo.

You can also get regular sizzling Fajitas, which are much the same as the Loaded Fajitas but forgoes the hot queso and bacon (and costs $1 less at my local Applebee's).

The price range for the Loaded Fajitas here in Southern California is $12.99 (with chicken) to $16.99 (with steak), while the calorie count ranges from 1440 calories (shrimp) to 1660 calories (steak).

Photo via Applebee's.

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