May 21, 2019

Sweetarts Adds New Ropes Bites and Mini Chewy Berries & Cherries

Sweetarts expand their Soft & Chewy Ropes line as well as their Mini Chewy line with the arrival of new Sweetarts Ropes Bites and Sweetarts Mini Chewy Berries & Cherries.

As you may have guessed from the name, Sweetarts Ropes Bites are bite-sized versions of the brand's Soft & Chewy Ropes. They come in five flavors: Cherry, Strawberry, Green Apple, Orange, and Blue Punch. Regardless of flavor, each candy comes with a tart, fruit punch center.

You can find Ropes Bites in four different sizes: a 3-oz Value Peg with a suggested price of $1.49, a 3.5-oz Share Pack with a suggested price of $1.49, a 5.25-oz Peg Bag with a suggested price of $1.99, and an 8-oz Stand Up Bar with a suggested price of $2.99.

Sweetarts Mini Chewy Berries & Cherries feature mini chewy candies in the following flavors: Raspberry, Blackberry, Blue Berry Punch, Dark Cherry, and Mixed Berry.

Berries & Cherries come in three different sizes: a 4-oz Share Pack for $1.49, a 3.75-oz Concession Bag for $1.49, and a 12-oz Stand Up Bag for $2.99 (prices may vary).

Both new products are currently rolling out to retailers nationwide.

Photo via Sweetarts.

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