Apr 28, 2024

Bojangles Offers Two Sausage Bo-Berry Biscuits for $5

A Bojangles Sausage Bo-Berry Biscuit sandwich.
Bojangles serves up Sausage Bo-Berry Biscuit sandwiches for a limited time and is promoting them with a two-for-$5 deal.

Available at participating locations chain-wide, the Sausage Bo-Berry Biscuits sees a halved Bo-Berry Biscuit (a buttermilk blueberry biscuit) sandwiching a sausage patty and drizzle of icing. Apparently, it's based on a sweet and savory menu hack.

Other recent limited-time menu items from Bojangles include new Bird Dogs and new Bo-Berry Cookies.

Photo via Bojangles.

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