Apr 26, 2024

Review: Kroger - Carne Guisada Flautas

A box of Kroger Carne Guisada Flautas.

Kroger Carne Guisada Flautas feature "Latin-inspired beef stew with vegetables & cheese in a crispy coated fried tortilla."

A 6-count, 15-oz box was $6.99 on sale (it costs $9.99 regularly).

The contents of a box of Kroger Carne Guisada Flautas.

The box includes three crispy sleeves for microwave heating. It included instructions for both the microwave and air fryer so I heated a flauta in each. The left one in the pictures was air-fried, while the right one took a trip in the microwave.

Two Kroger Carne Guisada Flautas on a plate.

Both methods yielded a nicely crisped exterior but the air fryer flauta was more evenly crispy and browned a little more. There were a few soft, chewy layers underneath the crispy surface that made for an enjoyable contrast.

Side-view of Kroger Carne Guisada Flautas.

Surprisingly, it was inside each flauta that the differences became more pronounced. Both contain a smattering of melted cheese and ground beef but the veggies (mostly potato) in the microwaved flauta were mushy, while the veggies of the flauta cooked in the air fryer retained their texture and distinctiveness.

Carne Guisada means "meat stew" in Spanish and it's basically a thick beef stew. There wasn't a heavy spice component or much tomato-y tang, which left it tasting mostly like overly salted beef, potatoes, and cheese.

The cross-section of two Kroger Carne Guisada Flautas.

Overall, Kroger's Carne Guisada Flautas were just okay for me. I really like the crispy flour tortilla, and the meat and cheese were good but the saltiness was a little overwhelming and the seasonings felt lacking as a result.

Nutritional Info - Kroger Carne Guisada Flautas
Serving Size - 2 pieces (142g)
Calories - 370
Fat - 19g (Saturated Fat - 7g)
Sodium - 1380mg
Carbs - 37g (Sugar - 3g)
Protein - 12g

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