Apr 27, 2024

Potbelly Welcomes New Dulce De Leche Cookie and Cinnamon Churro Shake

Potbelly's Dulce De Leche Cookie.
Potbelly launches the new Dulce De Leche Cookie and Cinnamon Churro Shake as limited-time additions to the sandwich chain's dessert offerings.

Potbelly's Dulce De Leche Cookies are baked at each location daily and feature the "decadence of dulce de leche and its creamy caramel richness."

The new Cinnamon Churro Shake blends premium ice cream and milk with the flavor of cinnamon and vanilla. The shake includes a signature shortbread cookie on its straw.

Both limited-time desserts are available now, while supplies last.

Potbelly's other baked desserts include the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie (also available as mini cookies), Sugar Cookie, Chocolate Brownie Cookie, and Dream Bar.

Besides the new Cinnamon Churro Shake, Potbelly also regularly offers the Oreo Cookie Shake, Cold Brew Shake, Chocolate Shake, Strawberry Shake, and Vanilla Shake.

Photo via Potbelly.

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