Saturday, December 15, 2012

Around the World: Pizza Hut - Halo 4 Pizza in the U.K.

Pizza Hut has been offering a Halo 4 Stuffed Crust Pizza in the UK since October!

Halo 4 is a recently-released, popular video game for the Xbox 360 and this is actually the second year that Pizza Hut UK has offered a pizza inspired by the game series.

Last year, they offered the Halo Anniversary Pizza which, according to this YouTube review, had nothing to do with Halo beyond the name. It was just a normal pizza topped with chicken, pepperoni, onion, and mixed peppers and was declared "un-Halo-ish." They didn't even have a special Halo box complained the video review.

Not to fret! As this year, they're offering a special Halo 4-themed box:

And, a pizza... with a halo of cheese around it (i.e. a Stuffed Crust Pizza).

The cheese is pretty interesting as they're going with Red Leicester cheese, which I guess might represent the Red team in Halo 4 multi-player (no love for Blue!). The cheese is not quite red and is described as having "a firm texture and slightly nutty taste."

The Red Leicester cheese is sprinkled and melted on top of the crust of a regular Stuffed Crust Pizza. The Pizza Hut UK site describes it as "A delicious golden halo of Red Leicester cheese melting on our signature stuffed crust" and the price is the same as a regular Stuffed Crust Pizza.

Apparently, they love Halo enough in the UK for Pizza Hut to make a pizza after it for two years running.
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