Jun 4, 2013

News: Baskin-Robbins - June 2013 Flavor of the Month

Baskin-Robbins goes vanilla for this June's Flavor of the Month. Triple Vanilla that is. The new ice cream flavor features Classic Vanilla, French Vanilla, and Vanilla Bean ice cream swirled together.

As usual, you can get the flavor in a cup or cone, as well as fresh-packed pints and quarts. Carrying over from last month, the Mixed Berry Waffle Cone is still available as a cone option (for an additional charge). The waffle cone is infused with a mixed berry flavor.

I wonder if Triple Chocolate ice cream is next...

Nutritional Info - Baskin-Robbins Triple Vanilla ice cream - small - 2.5 oz (71g)
Calories - 170 (from Fat - 100)
Fat - 11g (Saturated Fat - 7g)
Sodium - 35mg
Carbs - 13g (Sugar - 13g)
Protein - 2g

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  1. Fluckneesha EwebanksSaturday, July 13, 2013

    Why does Baskin Robbins cost so much?


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