Jun 27, 2013

Around the World: KFC Japan's Colonel's Dish Line is Super Fancy

Over in Japan, KFC offers a fancier line of foodstuffs they call "Colonel's Dish." It was initially launched in December of last year with a chicken terrine (like pate but even fancier) and ballotine.

The Colonel's Dish line comes cold and can be served as is or incorporated into a fancy dinner plating. They're only available at a select number of KFC restaurants in Japan.

The terrine is no longer offered but here's a look at both the terrine and ballotine:

The ballotine is a roasted chicken ballotine with five fruits. It features apricots, plums, cranberries, orange, and chesnuts stewed in white wine, rolled up with chicken, and tied with twine before roasting. Then, more fruit is added on top. The price per roll is 2800 yen (~$28.27 US).

The newest Colonel's Dish items are Applewood-smoked chicken thighs, wings, and breasts. They come in sealed packages that can be served hot or cold.

Each part comes with different seasonings: the thighs are seasoned with cracked black pepper and soy sauce, the breasts with sesame and Japanese pepper, and the wings with garlic and soy sauce.

The price per package is 380 yen (~$3.84 US). Unlike KFC's typical red and white packaging, Colonel's Dish packaging comes with a deep blue scheme.

To help customers along, the Colonel's Dish website also includes suggested "Dishes and Recipes" for each item.

I daresay the Colonel's Dish line makes Japan the fanciest KFC market in the world.

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