Jun 9, 2013

News: Hot Dog on a Stick - $1 Corn Dogs on June 13

Hot Dog on a Stick is celebrating what would be the 100th birthday of its founder on this Thursday, June 13, by offering their signature Hot Dog on a Stick (fresh battered and fried corn dog) for $1 each from 4pm to 8pm (limit 1 per person).

The deal isn't as good as in previous years where they were giving them out for free (and with no limit at some locations!), but $1 for a freshly battered and fried corn dog is still pretty nice (and certainly cheaper than you'd find at a fair).

The company calls their corn dogs "Hot Dogs on a Stick" rather than "corn dogs" to differentiate the product from the frozen and reheated or re-fried you might make at home or get at other food establishments.

They serve a rather sparse menu that includes fries, lemonade, the namesake hot dog on a stick, and cheese on a stick.

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